[Research] Souls in the Cosmos

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[Research] Souls in the Cosmos

Post  HohohoPIMP on Thu Mar 06, 2014 3:13 pm

Grond starts by studying ancient theories about what happens to a living creature after its death:

Library of Grecil Sources, Unknown Authors wrote:
The journey of souls to the afterlife according to the Great Wheel* view, most souls are destined for the Nine Hells. They arrive as mindless nupperibos or, if they were worthy, as semi-intelligent lemures. From there they move on to the Fugue Plane where they await escort to their final rest on the plane of their primary deity. While waiting, devils (or even other beings) often attempt to bargain with the souls, playing on their fears and doubts to get them to agree that becoming a lemure with a chance for promotion was a better option than their suspected fate. Strong or crafty souls might negotiate a deal that reduced their time as a lemure or bestow a boon or punishment on those they left behind.

Gorgoroth had mentioned the Fugue Plane:

Gorgoroth wrote:The Fugue Plane is a neutral plane within the Astral Sea where the souls of mortals are drawn when they die. The vast majority of this plane is supposed to be flat, gray, bland and nondescript, with no notable topographical features. The plane's only known significant feature is the City of Judgment in the middle of which stands the Crystal Spire where Kelemvor is said to reside and from there oversee that each souls fate is just. There are only three methods that I have heard of that could get one to the Fugue Plane: Well, death should certainly be one of them for starters, though I doubt that its a viable option even for THE Reckless One... Secondly, rumors of non-permanent portals from the Abyss reached my ear at some point during my time in The Brass City. Of course, I could not vouch for their existence. Last but certainly not least, I have come to conclude that one could gain access to the City of Judgement as a divine servant collecting a deity's future petitioners or who knows why. Though I possess no proof, I am certain our dear Drow-whore "friend" has traveled there on behalf of her... master at least 3 times in the last 4 years.

From all that it is safe to assume that anyone capturing, manipulating or causing the suffering of souls will soon be considered a serious enemy to Kelemvor's Church. Grond's research continues to Souls as a form of Power:

Scripts of Jergal, Second Lord of Thay, Archenemy of Szass'Tam, Said to have ascended to Godhood wrote:
I have abused life and death, bending the line between for decades, but no more. I can see now. Each being has an eternal resting place that is chosen for him or her at the moment of creation. Life is a process of seeking that place and eternal rest. Existence is but a brief aberration in an eternity of death. Power, Success, and joy are as transitory as weakness, failure, and misery. Only death is absolute, and then only at its appointed hour. Seek to bring order to the chaos of life, for in death there is finality and a fixedness of state. Be ready for death for it is at hand and uncompromising. Life should be prolonged only when it serves the greater cause of the death of the world. A kill can never be vile, for it is but a door to True life. And it is in True life that bent rules bring forth a punishment too great to even understand.

Από εκεί και μετά όλο το research φέρνει αποτελέσματα scattered σε τεράστιο αριθμό βιβλίων, scrolls και όλα αυτά σε συνδυασμό με πληροφορίες από τον Gorgoroth. Παρακάτω τα βασικά συμπεράσματα που καταλήγεις:

- Souls probably have been used to empower spells and their effects, or maybe reduce their "cost".
- Souls probably have been used to trade with Demons/Devils/Deities
- Souls probably have been used to been turned into (or breed somehow) new Devils or Demons.
- Souls probably have been used to gain knowledge from memories, experiences.
- Souls probably have been used to occupy soulless creations or mindless bodies.
- Souls probably have been used as donations to Gods who in their turn are often rewarding to such gifts.

NOTE: Ακολουθεί Part B από το research του Elendil για την Sylune το οποίο ίσως ενδιαφέρει τον Grond.


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