The Burning Summit | Session 2

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The Burning Summit | Session 2

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Kelben & Norag (P1)

  • The 17th Regiment takes camp near a pond to recover from the Vulture attack and take care of their wounded.
  • Early at night a spirit rises from the small lake, taking female form and requesting that they return her ring. Kelben promises he will deliver.
  • The 17th sets out for the Blue Caverns at dawn.
  • Scouts report they have spotted one of the entrances to the Blue Caverns. Two enormous footprints also recorded at the northern entrance to the caves.
  • Kelben attacks a Hobgoblin scout team. Some escape.
  • The 17th decides a direct assault towards the Caverns, all charge in from the 2 main entrances. Big battle follows.
  • The battle is won but the cost is huge, with only 17 soldiers standing strong. The regiment takes rest inside the caverns.

Thione & Ilithridel (P2)

  • Thione & Ilithridel leave the White Fang and head towards the Great Park.
  • Daegor's companions move ahead to explore the Mausoleum.
  • Thione, Ilithridel and Daegor head into the Park.
  • Strange sounds surround them, as they dive deeper into the fog.
  • Having reached the northern part of the Park, Daegor is attacked and almost costs him his life.
  • A fight follows, with the enemy remaining unseen for quite a while, it wasn't long before a total of 3 of those unique beasts showed up. Daegor fell as Thione and Ilithridel manage to barely make it, before a high-pitched whislte from afar called the beasts home.
  • Ilithridel leaves to fly above the park.
  • Daegor's companions find a perfect opportunity to turn on Thione, revealing the target of their other mission.
  • They fail.


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