The Burning Summit | Session 1

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The Burning Summit | Session 1

Post  HohohoPIMP on Mon Jan 12, 2015 12:20 pm

Επειδή εσείς δεν θα ασχοληθείτε ποτέ, γράφω τα ΑΠΟΛΥΤΩΣ βασικά και αν θέλετε να προσθέσετε easy-to-forget details κάντε comment από κάτω.

Thione & Ilithridel (P1)

  • We begin at the White Fang
  • Some commoner seeks your help, his little boy won't wake up and his daughter has disappeared (both had ventured into the Great Park)
  • Ilithridel goes to the Park to investigate while Thione takes care of the poor farmer.
  • Ilithridel finds the little girl dead.
  • Ilithridel also finds a strange creature that seems to have hidden in some hole in the ground.
  • After doing what they can about the poor family man, Ilithridel and Thione head towards the meeting with Galar.
  • The proud Sunite shares crucial information making the fog in the Great Park even more worrisome.

Kelben & Norag (P1)

  • We begin at the Knighthood camp
  • On your way to HQ you are confronted by Firon, 1st Lieutenant of the 2nd Regiment
  • Norag swiftly answers his insulting remarks with a powerful strike, taking his arm.
  • High Commander Roshan explains the mission.
  • Kelben, Norag and the 17th Regiment head out to the northern part of Handir Hills.
  • After 2 days road the regiment is hit by a small group of Deadborn Vultures.
  • The 17th regiment takes some time to take care of their wounded and mourn their dead.

Thione & Ilithridel (P2)

  • They wake up at the White Fang
  • Thione meets Daegor's company
  • Daegor hired to help search the Great Park


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